Chronicle of a death foretold

Ok! I stole Gabriel Garcia Marques’s bestseller title to illustrate my chronic. What can I say? I am also a book
lover, reader and addict. 

I first used my smartphone to take photographs, while vacationing in the wonderful Rookies in Canada. I spent 3 weeks with my son in British Colombia and Alberta during the summer of 2015.

We traveled three thousand kilometers from Vancouver Island to the Rookies and back. On the journey we stopped at my cousins in Nelson. And never wanted to return. 

The landscapes were breathtaking. Beauty was surrounding us and we loved it. People were fabulous. Every time I said “Noah has autism” they replied “yes, it’s fine, we know how to handle it”!
Waouh, what a difference in dialogue eight thousands kilometers from home. 

At some point we made it to the Rookies, the road between Banff and Jasper is considered as one of the wonders of the world. It makes driving difficult, as you want to pull away all the time, take photographs every second. 

After Banff, we visited Lake Louise, the emerald lake. And like every other tourist, we rented a red canoe. Between Noah and I, I placed my backpack. As I am not the best with stillness I went for the Iphone rather than the Nikon, while canoeing at the same time. 

Wrong! Very wrong! Once we got out of the canoe, I realized the backpack bottom was humid. Didn’t bother to make sure my cameras were dry. Waited the next stop, to check. The Nikon was dead. Humidity had ruined it. And the road was
just starting. 

I learned my lesson the hard way. With an Iphone 5c, battery half empty, the little Leica’s battery almost gone as we had left it “on”. The Nikon gone. 

And you know what? I have no regrets.

I only have a few pictures of that road trip, the rest is in my head. 

The Nikon was under warranty, I just had to wait two months to get it back fully functional.

So don’t forget to have fun little fellow humans!

Until next time,


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