Help! I need somebody…

Help! I need somebody
Help! Not just anybody
Help! You know I need someone
The Beatles… thank you for your support!

Sounds really nice to take plenty of photographs per day, on your smartphone, post them from time to time, even add a caption…

And than comes storage, labeling and the nightmare starts when you are a disaster like me!
I don’t understand how to handle properly Mac Photo’s software. I find it UN-userfriendly, compared to Lightroom!

So I decided to download everything on a hard drive, it’s time consuming but at least the project is in one place, not all over the place… well, I think it is.
Is it really? Is it the posted version of the photograph? The raw version? ahahah I can’t remember…I have to go back and see what’s on my social media accounts.
On which account did I post it?
And with which caption?
In which language? In both, fabulous, I get twice the work…
Why did I start this project again? To have fun, to enjoy the little things.
Yes, right you should see me behind my computer screen at this exact moment!!!

How do you manage the caption storage in regard to the photograph? Well darling, you create a database.
A what? F*** I am a psychotherapist not a computer wisecrack. Help me out!

Don’t get me started on “is it on the laptop or desktop computer”? Don’t you have a home network system? Yes, I do. I just seem to forget about it.

So let’s face it, this project will help me to get better organized with my smartphone photograph storage system or I will have to spend much more long nights, like this week, behind my screen(s)!

Enjoy your week my dear fellow humans,

Until next time,


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