Just a joke

“On pourrait s’habituer” chronic started as a joke, really.
It was summer time, by the beach, the smartphone by my side. The surroundings were lovely, so why not take photographs? Doesn’t everyone do it?

At first, I thought it would last until school started again. But by that time, I enjoyed so much taking almost daily snapshots and writing mood captions, that it had become addictive.

I had almost forgotten my other cameras. No back pack, no heavy material, everything in my pocket, handy!

It was also very different than my usual stories. Bright, light in content, somewhat meaningless.

The only intent being to share a daily dose of positive energy. Less is more. Have fun in the process, regardless of technique. I even end up creating an Instagram account: @onpourraitshabituer

I never imagined receiving so many nice comments, and regular feedback on the chronic posts.
It was a great surprise.

So when Nora Noor asked me “what will you do with this serie?” I had no idea. Than friends started to ask “can we buy some of your images?” Really? The chronic doesn’t even have its own page on Sophie’s World.

And it won’t, instead it will become a blog. A place where to share it’s creative and step by step adventure.
Because one could get used to have fun, enjoy telling silly stories and not knowing what the future holds.

Until next post,

Have fun fellow humans!


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