Tant que je ne suis pas morte, je suis vivante...


Chaque jour, je crée

Chaque jour, je respire

Chaque jour, j'aime

Chaque jour, je partage ma vision de ce monde

Chaque jour, j'observe la beauté

Chaque jour, je l'invente si elle s'absente

*    *    *

Sophie was born in Brussels, on Woodstock day in 1969, she started photography while studying at Boston University, Massachusetts. Only to come back to it, years later. She first related her life with her son, on the autism spectrum in 2014.

After working for over 17 years for major Global Companies, Sophie is now a consultant, psychotherapist and phototherapist. She uses photography as a healing process with clients and teaches the methodology, she developed with her son, to professionals and families.

Photographic author, she seizes everything as an opportunity to create and satisfy her curious mind.

Every project is an opportunity to confront oneself with reality. Her work is immediate, highly personal and originating from her life experiences. Photography enables to reveal ones' vulnerability.

She gives lectures et publishes articles.

Sophie lives and works in Belgium and France.

*    *    *


La poésie de l'enfer - Photographic film - Redu, Belgium - May 2018

 Erquy - 8 Femmes, Loft Photo, Brussels - March 2018

La poésie de l'enfer - Photographic film - Les bibliothèques de Rixensart, Belgium - February to April 2018

Erquy - Brigitte, Loft Photo, Brussels -  - April to June 2017

The future of the past - Site de Papeteries de Genval - Foodélices - September 2016 to present - Solo exhibition

The future of the past - Ferme du Douaire, Belgium - Atelier Obscura - June 2016

Collectif Hold-Up - # 1 - Ferme du Douaire, Belguim - Atelier Obscura - June 2015

Extra-Ordinary Journey - Vidéo projection, Belgium - Atelier Obscura - January 2015


Photography as a therapeutic mean in autism (contribution) - Therapeutic Photography (Book), Neil Gibson, London 2018       
VSD - Le monde selon Noah - Paris - April 2018
Vers l'Avenir - La poésie de l'enfer - Belgium - March 2018
AIDS - portrait - Le Vif L'express - Belgium - 1996

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